WNBA Playoff Picture – Which teams will earn the last three playoff points?

The WNBA was split into the top five and all for a while. Defender hero Chicago SkyThe Las Vegas AcesThe Connecticut SunThe Seattle Storm and the Sophia Washington They have already secured the docks for their matches. Now with six teams vying for the remaining three spots – Indiana fever In spoiler mode – every game has a bigger feel to it.

In fact, it was starting to feel like five teams were competing for two places. Things are looking good for sixth place Dallas Suites. They go into the weekend at the highest level, racking up back-to-back wins over Sky and Aces, the current top two in the league.

Dallas has won four of its past five games and is 15-16. The franchise has finished at 0.500 or better only once since moving from Detroit after the 2009 season. That was in Tulsa’s last six seasons, when it went 18-16 in 2015. The following year, the team moved to Dallas and has played three playoffs since. , including last season, but lost his first-round match each time.

The Wings have had some tough spots this season, including losing six of seven over a period running from late May to mid-June. But the Dallas trade with Indiana is in the center Tierra McEwan And a draft round of the first round, which became guard Veronica BurtonIt was good for Dallas.

It took a while for McCowan, the No. 3 overall pick in 2019, to prepare. It didn’t go into double digits as of June 12. But she has now achieved it in 10 of her past 14 matches, including the last five in a row.

“I’m proud of Big T – the way you’re performing is phenomenal,” Dallas coach Vicki Johnson said after 21 points and 16 rebounds on Thursday against the Aces.

Burton and Tisha Harris Both have stepped forward in the previous two games to help make up for the star goalkeeper’s absence Eric Ogunpoelwho suffers from an ankle injury. No one would have expected that Wings would defeat Heaven and Aces with Ogunbowale’s elimination, but that’s what makes playoff races exciting.

How teams compete over the next 10 days will make the difference between going post-season — which this year is due to having a full series in each round rather than singles elimination games in the first two rounds — and being in the draft lottery.

Let’s take a look at what’s at stake in this weekend’s games, both for teams trying to secure a playoff zone and those already in the post-season but want to maintain or improve their rankings.




Atlanta’s Rhyne Howard comes in with a massive block on one end of the defence and then capitalizes on the other with a hat.

Sparks in Sophia’s dream in the sky: There is no way to color it: Los Angeles SparksThe season has seen a steep decline, losing five in a row. According to ESPN’s BPI forecast, Los Angeles’ hopes of making the post-season have fallen to 10.3%. If Sparks misses the playoffs, it will be the first time since the first two WNBA seasons — 1997-98 — that Los Angeles has done so two years in a row. Meanwhile, the Atlanta Dream It is expected to have a 56.2% chance of acquiring an extension berth. That might sound high for a team that has lost seven of their last 10 matches, but at the age of 13-18, Dream and the Liberty are currently claiming the last two playoff points. Atlanta hasn’t been in the post-season since 2018.

Washington has the same 20-12 record as Seattle and has played well since the All-Star Game, winning six of eight. Elena Delle Donne She has a lot to do with it, but she won’t be traveling to Chicago as part of her comfort regime. Team Sky comes out losing to Dallas, but has won seven of nine since the All-Star Game. Chicago has five games remaining, four games against teams that have already settled their playoff spots. The Sky, of course, plays to gain the advantage of local stadiums throughout the post-season.




Skylar Diggins-Smith discusses the difficulty of playing after Britney Greiner’s verdict was announced.

Fever in the Liberty Suites at Mercury:

Johnson made it clear that the last thing the Wings do is look down on Indiana, even if the Fever team loses 15 games in a row. Indiana has five games remaining, two of which are against the wings. Dallas started a four-game home game Thursday against the Aces, and this game against Indiana is a game the Wings simply can’t let go of.

Mercury finished the regular season with four games in Phoenix in the center footprint, being 9-5 versus 4-14 on the road. After an emotional loss in Connecticut on Thursday following news of Britney Grenier’s ruling in Russia, Phoenix needs a strong finish to make the playoffs. The odds are with Mercury, who are expected to have a 62.7% chance of being in the postseason.

Diana Taurasi (The right quadruple) didn’t play Thursday, the first game I’ve missed this season.

Mercury coach: ‘She’s living day by day, hopefully we’ll get her back soon’ Vanessa Nygaard He said. “We’re happy to be back in Phoenix. We’ve played a lot better at home than we’ve played on the road this season. Three of the games are against teams we’re competing with for those final places.”

This includes a Saturday discount, New York Liberty, who revived their qualifying hopes with three straight wins and four of the last five. This raised the odds of Liberty’s playoffs to 48.2%.


The sun in the sky sparks in Mystics; Aces in the storm. Dreaming of a lynx: The double title starts on ABC at 1 p.m. ET with Connecticut-Chicago, followed by Las Vegas-Seattle. The latter will be Sue Bird’s last game of the regular season after 19 seasons with Storm, a sale. The Aces now have the second best chance of winning the league title according to BPI (28%), but they are losing back-to-back before entering Sunday’s Bird Nostalgia show.

What team is most likely to win the tournament? Sun 34.5%. Connecticut, tied with Las Vegas at 22-10 in the WNBA standings, is seeking a first league title, as well as the Aces. The Sun had the best record in the league last season but was then defeated in the semi-finals against Chicago. Team Sky went on to hold the Connecticut number this season, winning its first three games.

The sparks, as mentioned, were fading quickly and had to face the Sufis, who were going in the opposite direction. Los Angeles will finish a six of seven stretch on the road.

finally , Minnesota Linux – who had to endure a quick break in Seattle on Wednesday – are 12-20 with only four games left. Minnesota hasn’t missed the playoffs since 2010, but Lynx has only a 25.9% chance of making postseason this year, according to forecasts.

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