Timo Werner’s Chelsea journey is coming to an end

It’s no secret that since then Timo Werner He came to West London from the Bundesliga and underperformed, to say the least. Thomas Tuchel has been looking for a consistent top scorer since he replaced Frank Lampard in January 2021, and he experimented with several players in that ninth position to see which of them he would end up with. With the World Cup approaching, the aforementioned Germany international may need to rethink where his football team plays in order to maintain his position in the national team. The club’s priority now is to try to find Defensive reinforcements To rebuild what was lost at the beginning of the transfer period. After that was settled, the Blues reportedly set their sights on rebuilding the front line.

When Chelsea were in the US on their pre-season tour, Werner was asked about his future. He said All the right thingsbut perhaps he left some hints when he said:

“It’s hard to say… I didn’t ask but I think of course the manager always has different ideas and different ideas and what you need in different games, I think in a lot of games I haven’t thought about that, so I’m trying to change that… Obviously I want to I play more and I have to play more to be in good shape first for the World Cup and also, to have a chance to play in the World Cup.”

It looks like Timo Werner’s Chelsea journey is coming to an end soon

Werner’s effort was never questioned It continues to be a fan favorite, despite some unsatisfactory production in front of the network. His move to the Premier League was not easy, he came to West London after a season of 28 goals in Germany to only accumulate 10 goals in the league over two seasons with the Blues. The Germany international came to Stamford Bridge for 53 million euros in 2020, and now has a current valuation of just 35 million euros, according to Transfer Market.

There were some bright spots as Werner collected the second most shooting creation moves of the 20/21 season (behind Mason Mount only) as well as collecting the team’s most assists with eight assists in the same season. The following year, Werner struggled with his self-confidence. He scored just four league goals with xG 7.6, the biggest difference between these two stats for any Chelsea player in the Premier League at 21/22.

With all this in mind, the Blues are considering bringing Werner back to RB Leipzig once the defensive situation is settled. Leipzig will look for a loan deal With Werner’s contract expiring at the end of 2025, wages are too high for even the top German side to afford. Tuchel wouldn’t let a player of Werner caliber go, despite his inconsistencies, given the fact that he could play that No. 9 that the Blues have yet to find someone they can consistently count on.

Werner won’t let go until the club has reached an agreement with another striker or one of his most important defensive goals. The deal could include a Blues pick for a 20-year-old Croatian defender, Josco Gvardiol. Ditching Werner’s experience for good would be good for both the player and Chelsea. Lots of missed opportunities in front of the net highlight his time with the blues, but that doesn’t mean his time is up.

The window may be closed, but with Tuchel desperately in need of a goalscorer, Werner has the ability to Make it at Chelsea after every thing. But even with that effort, Werner appears to need to rely on something at his top speed to succeed in England’s top flight. He was making his play during the Champions League in 20/20 over, but it’s hard to get over what he did when massive opportunities came his way.

If Werner left by the end of the window, the German should only be treated with respect, being some who worked as hard as he could to get the badge. There was not a minute last season where anyone questioned Werner’s mentality or position. Whenever Tuchel called his name, the 25-year-old was ready to contribute everything he could to the team on that day.

Whether it’s this window or the next, Werner will likely be out the door, and the next generation of Chelsea strikers will enter the fold. Raheem Sterling It’s a quality start to plugins right up to the top, but the work doesn’t stop there. Werner’s time in west London may not have been what the club wanted, but there is a lot at stake for him to continue down the same path next season.

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