Senate passes health care and inclusive climate bill for Democrats

The final vote was on the party line 51-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris breaking the tie. It will raise more than $700 billion in government revenue over 10 years and spend more than $430 billion to reduce carbon emissions, extend benefits for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act, and use the rest of … Read more

The Senate is on course for a major vote on Saturday to advance the Democrats’ inclusive healthcare and climate bill

The package is the product of painstaking negotiations and will give Democrats a chance to achieve key policy goals before the upcoming midterm elections. Senate Democrats use a special process to pass the package without Republican votes. Once the legislation passes in the Senate, it will then need House approval before President Joe Biden can … Read more

Antitrust experience puts the book publishing industry in the dock

NEW YORK (Associated Press) – Justice Department efforts to prevent merger From Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster is not just a showcase of the Biden administration’s tougher approach to corporate consolidation.It’s a rare moment for the publishing industry to put itself in the dock. During the first week of an expected two to … Read more

First on CNN: DHS stops scanning phones without backups

The moves were announced in a memo sent to department leaders on Thursday. The memo stressed that items to be kept include email, social media messages, instant messages and text messages. ‚ÄúDepartment of Homeland Security agencies and offices are directed to either maintain the actual mobile devices (and accompanying access information) or complete accessible full … Read more