Now is the time for Gates to find a business partner for Denzel Mims

Denzel Mims stood behind a microphone Friday at Airplane Training Camp He stated that he wanted to be a broadband receiver in 2022. “That’s my only goal,” Mims said. The question is whether he can achieve this goal as a member of the Air Force. Mims have been rocky for two years with the organization … Read more

You must watch Freedom

In the same way that a watched pot boils, a basketball team probably can’t shine until the noise has subsided. After a pleasant and disappointing 2021, New York Liberty entered this season as a big question mark for the WNBA. How will they perform under new coach Sandy Brundello? Was anyone going to shoot? Can … Read more

INSIGHT: Kurt Busch concussion sets NASCAR Next Gen smash front and center

While there’s no denying that Kurt Busch has had a series of slams this season, his fellow NASCAR Cup Series drivers are questioning the car’s role as Busch continues to be sidelined with concussion-like symptoms. “We have all the data on him, he’s taken a lot of hits over 25g,” said Busch co-owner Denny Hamlin. … Read more

The unintended consequences of declaring a climate emergency

| Published: August 06, 2022 12:01 AM The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent those of President Biden is toying with the idea of ​​declaring climate change a national emergency. Supporters want him to introduce drastic changes to tackle climate change – bypassing congressional approval. But as the … Read more

No dark matter halos

Image: dwarf galaxy NGC1427A flies through the Fornax Cluster of galaxies and undergoes turbulence that would not have been possible if this galaxy were surrounded by a heavy, stretching dark matter halo, as required by standard cosmology. Opinion more Credit: ESO Dwarf galaxies are small, faint galaxies that can usually be found in galaxy clusters … Read more

The National Institutes of Health is the first to develop a 3D structure of flicker

Image: This rotating image shows the 3D structure created by the NIEHS researchers from the scintillating protein. The researchers used Cryo-EM and other techniques to show how pathological mutations on the protein can lead to mitochondrial diseases. The video is zoomed in to the protein interface where many of the disease mutations occur. Opinion more … Read more

Utah Temporarily Bans Targeted Shooting in 25 Wildlife Management Areas, Noting Fire Risks

Image of a targeted shooting closure notice posted outside the Utah Wildlife Management District on June 8, 2021. The Utah Department of Wildlife Resources announced Friday that it is temporarily prohibiting target shooting in 25 wildfire management areas due to wildfire risks. (Utah Department of Wildlife Resources) Estimated reading time: 3-4 minutes Salt Lake City … Read more

Day 818 by Brody Stevens is a reminder of the mental difficulties comedians still face

Comedian Brody Stevens was found hanged on February 22, 2019, dead at the age of 48, and the impact on the comedian community was immediate. Comedy clubs and festivals across the country felt a greater responsibility to promote mental health resources. The topic of depression turned from an on-stage joke to a serious conversation offstage. … Read more