Lakers rumor news report: Commercial interest in Cam Reddish and LeBron’s extension

While all files Lakers This season’s trade rumors focused on Russell Westbrook, getting rid of $47 million isn’t their only goal. The fashionable name could also be a target for this season and is the focus of the latest reports and rumours.

Interest is still reddish

While his NBA career failed to flourish, the Lakers remained interested in Cam Reddish over the years. Reddish came to Duke as one of the top candidates in high school, but he failed to meet expectations there and repeated that pattern in the NBA.

However, the Lakers are still drawn to Reddish despite years of poor performance, most recently being linked to it by a report from Michael Scott hoops.

The Lakers were also interested in trading for nicks Forward Cam Reddish, who could also become part of the trade. Last season, the Lakers nearly acquired Reddish as part of the massive three-team business talks between the Lakers, Knicks and Raptors at the time.

It was also this report that mentioned the tri-team trade Includes Russell Westbrook and Donovan Mitchell. But the Lakers’ interest, as noted, goes to an extreme Back to the time when Reddish was a Hawk. On Deadline, Lakers Almost Made a Deal They have landed redbut it never materialized.

It’s a bit odd that the Lakers are actively chasing someone who has struggled so badly in the NBA, especially when it comes to their need to shoot and Reddish’s inability to bring down outside shots in his NBA career. But in their defense, the last player they targeted and felt misused or misused was the owner of Monk, which was great for the Lakers.

The Latest in LeBron’s Extension

The Lakers, LeBron and Rich Bowl meet on Thursday Regarding its extension, on the first day the two sides can legally negotiate a deal. While the talks were positive, they ended without an agreement.

However, there doesn’t seem to be cause for concern – at least not yet – like Dave McMenamin ESPN featured on NBA today On Friday, he expressed the optimism of the Lakers fans.

The longer LeBron waits for an extension, the more likely he is to use it as leverage to get the Lakers to make a move to trade away from Westbrook and almost certainly in favor of Kyrie Irving. There have been few indications that LeBron is seriously considering leaving the franchise, but in the NBA, a lot can change very quickly.

Kuzma regains the title in 2020

While Kyle Kuzma is no longer a Laker, he has been a member of a title-winning team, giving him a special place in the hearts of Laker fans forever.

it’s recently Featured on the Draymond Green podcast And he discussed the 2020 title inside the bubble, along with the pressure that comes not only from playing for the Lakers, but also playing alongside LeBron James.

Often the weight of those lofty expectations is too much for players to bear. Despite all of Kuzma’s faults and occasional frustrations, he carried the weight of those expectations and competed at a high level within the bubble, playing a vital role in the Lakers’ successful quest for another ring.

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