Antitrust experience puts the book publishing industry in the dock

NEW YORK (Associated Press) – Justice Department efforts to prevent merger From Penguin Random House and Simon & Schuster is not just a showcase of the Biden administration’s tougher approach to corporate consolidation.It’s a rare moment for the publishing industry to put itself in the dock. During the first week of an expected two to … Read more

Yiyun Li’s latest work reveals the reader’s writer

Every day since Covid-19 forced Americans to stay home, writers Yiyun Li and Edmund White have turned on Skype at 5 p.m. to get involved in a two-person book club. White, whom Lee calls “a very good performance,” reads passages from the two books aloud, comparing the two marginally, often discovering that they have stressed … Read more

An old friend of Blake Shelton shares the story of the country music star in a new book | Wrote

Long ago, a small town man with big dreams used to tell people that he would make a living (a) singing country music or (b) picking up cans on the side of the road. Blake Shelton picks up a lot of “metal” – if you count the gold and platinum records. Country music star Ada … Read more