US oil producers are defying calls to open the taps and tame war-driven energy prices

America’s largest oil and gas producer is maintaining supplies, defying the Biden administration’s calls to raise production even as high fuel prices pushed by the Russian war in Ukraine yield bumper profits. summit shale oil and gas Producers including ConocoPhillips, Pioneer Natural Resources and Devon Energy reported a sharp increase in second-quarter earnings this month … Read more

2nd Ethereum PoW Chain Idea Gaining Momentum, Poloniex To List ‘Potential Slot’ Token Market – Bitcoin News

Five days ago, influential Chinese miner Chandler Gu explained that a Proof of Work (PoW) release of Ethereum is “soon” as the community prepares for the network’s transition to Proof of Stake (PoS) next month. As usual, the idea of ​​a cryptocurrency gets people excited and some people are upset, and although the token has … Read more

Will your Social Security benefits increase when you reach full retirement age? | Smart Change: Personal Finance

(Kylie Hagen) Social Security is a cornerstone of most Americans’ retirement plans, yet many people remain confused about how it works. It is a potentially dangerous misconception that your Social Security checks increase once you reach your full retirement age (FRA). This may happen to some people, but it’s not something every older person should … Read more

Venture capital: How far will Big Chill hit New Zealand?

Investors funding start-ups are making heads turn in the US and Australia, devaluing existing holdings amid rising interest rates, recession fears and a plunge in tech stocks in public markets. Industry players say New Zealand may not be hit hard, though, given that investors here have been more conservative and bought at cheaper levels. In … Read more

Inventory Cycle Predicted Markets in 2021 – That’s Now

Danai Jetawattana / iStock via Getty Images My last article on the inventory cycle was published On 5/18/2021. At that time, the economy was going strong, and the business cycle was in a boom. At that time, the inventory cycle dynamics correctly indicated the following Takeaway: The inventory-to-sales ratio was indicative of continued strength in … Read more

Pros and cons and who should create an account

Insider experts select the best products and services to help make smart decisions with your money (Here’s how). In some cases, we receive commission from our partnersHowever, our opinions are our opinions. Terms apply to the offers listed on this page. minimum: to improve It is best for non-invasive investors who want to take advantage … Read more

Fed QT: Total assets down $91 billion from peak (Quantitative easing created money, QT destroys money)

What the Fed did in details and graphs. by Wolf Richter for Wolf Street. The Federal Reserve (QT) quantitative tightening ended the second month of the three-month period. Total assets in the Federal Reserve weekly balance sheet As of August 3, released this afternoon, it is down $17 billion from the previous week, and down … Read more

Opinion: Bear Market Grief: How to Maintain a Sense of Financial Control in Turbulent Times.

Between pandemic shutdowns, health concerns, controversial politics, and hyperinflation with soaring prices, many US investors may feel they are losing control of their situation. Add to that a bear market for stocks, with a potential recession looming. To stay flexible, we can focus on taking care of our physical, mental and financial health – and … Read more